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strange guiding issue

27 Nov, 2017 10:03
Hello all..i have a strange guiding issue whit my Neq6pro.

From the south meridian to the north meridian i have perfect guiding…so the mount goes to the west  etc.
Using PHD  and have great guiding..i can have subs from 600 or more seconds.

But if my mount goes to the east side of the southern meridian… guiding  is lost in seconds.

in ascom  its  east,points west.

its not the balance..i have  tryed all…my mount like to have the unbalance in the west.

if some have ideas..i love to hear it.

greetings John
27 Nov, 2017 10:19
Hi John,
Is this after the mount performs a meridian flip? Have you tried ticking the checkbox 'reverse output after meridian flip' under shared parameters on the guiding tab of the advanced setup from the 'Brain'? See below screenshot where it is unchecked as my mount does not require that. I don't know what the setting is for the NEQ6.

Also have you asked on the PHD2 Google group, which I think is a better place for this question.
Good luck, Geof
27 Nov, 2017 10:25
oww thats a good one..cause it looks  like it is in reverse. thanks for the fast answer…gonna try it tonight.
28 Nov, 2017 05:25
in phd go to tools, and them modify calibration, and then flip calibration. Not sure if you tried or needed to do that with the nq 6 pro. good luck! smile
29 Nov, 2017 13:34
thanks for the gonna try as soon as bad its al rain rain rain…soon i have dry sky ,im trying it.
01 Dec, 2017 22:16
well tonight it`s a clear night.  i tryed all above solutions…still nothing.

 but then  in ascom i have the dec guiding unchecked…and now in the east and north its perfect guiding also.

even whit the c8 at F10 i can guide for 10 minutes or more.on 1 sub. Thats real awesome.  thanks for the help..ill put some fotos later.

p.s.  mayor fog came up… its bad weather again…but i have my good guiding the waiting for clear sky can begin.
Edited 01 Dec, 2017 23:29
10 Dec, 2017 12:16
well first result is  great. i can now make subs as long  as possible. just uncheck  dec guiding in ascom solves alot.  little start of orion,300 sec subs.
18 Dec, 2017 20:26
well it turned out pretty well.
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