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william optics flt 132 takahashi tsa 120 explore scientific fcd 100 127mm

09 Aug, 2018 20:24
yeah i spoke with takahashi
and they send me flattener: TKA31582
TKA31201 - an adapter that attach to your t ring that attach to your dslr that attach to your flattener…
09 Aug, 2018 20:59
but something that still bother me is the difference between the quality of the images between the FLT 132 and the TSA 120.
it is look like that in the FLT 132 the images are more Real realistic and Smooth and in the other hand in the TSA 120 the image is more sharp than
 real realistic and smooth… it maybe depends on the gear and the camera that used to take the photo? i dont know…
10 Aug, 2018 05:13
The quality of the final image depends on a LOT of things besides the telescope… seeing beats everything. Image in poor seeing and you get poor data. Doesn't matter how much your scope costs. But you can make a lot out of that poor data IF you are a master processor. All of my final images are better than the quality of the individual subs. Also remember, inexperience makes it hard to really determine how good images you are looking at are… until you have the skills to truly judge.

You can't always judge a scope's quality by looking at processed images…. you have to use one to really know.

A high quality final image is a combination of good data and the skill of the processor. Being able to get a lot of high quality data depends on the consistency and repeatability of your gear and a lot good seeing and dark skies.  The rest is up to your skill as a processor.

What good equipment buys you is consistency and predictability. And even a little bit of an ability to cut through seeing issues… which is one of the key things I love about the TSA-120. It punches well above it's weight. ES and WO and other cheaper Chinese gear just doesn't provide that. I know because I've been there. I've used cheaper gear and I have used premium gear. Premium gear is better. It may not be better all the time or in perfect conditions… but it will be good ALL the time and it will be consistently good. That's money in the bank, because I don't have time to waste on finicky stuff that needs a lot of fiddling to make work. And i hate tossing out subs.

A lot of people will praise the stuff they have without ever having used anything else. Those opinions are worth every penny you pay for them. smile

In the end, if you don't have processing skills, you final images won't be great. Keep in mind this is all a learning process that never ends. If it did, where would the challenge be?

I'm not trying to tell you what to buy. Everyone has their budgets and so sometimes you just can't afford the premium gear. But don't let anyone tell you that an ES scope is anywhere comparable to a Takahashi.
10 Aug, 2018 09:54
yeah! you are right! of course the camera and the scope are big components in the final photo but if you dont know how process good enough your final image will look not good enough … in the world of process im kind of beginner but when i will get the whole setup i think i will read and learn about it!
and it is sound that you are relly love takahashi and the TSA 120!
thank you very very much!
11 Aug, 2018 15:42
I love my TSA-120 more than my fussy FSQ-106, but I spend more time imaging with the FSQ now because I love super wide fields. There is no one perfect scope for everything.
12 Aug, 2018 05:28
12 Aug, 2018 19:20
wes, just wanted to ask you if i want to buy the Orion Magnificent Mini Deluxe AutoGuider Package as the guidance system for the TSA 120 it will work? it will be good, i mean if the spece of the orion autoguider will work good with spece of the TSA 120?
16 Aug, 2018 19:08
hi everyone!
i just saw the TOA 130 that is also from takahashi and wondering which is better mainly for astrophotogaphy, TOA 130 or TSA 120?
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