ZWO ASI178MC Gain/Offset Combinations

13 Feb, 2018 09:52
Hi @strobin,

I tried my luck at the official ZWO-Forums, but didn't get a response until now, and tonight will be clear skies at my location, so i wonder if here is anybody who can give me an advice about this topic:

After more than half a year using the great ASI178MC with several combinations of Gain/Offset, i thought it would be a good idea to stick to only a few standard combinations. So after reading through many posts in several forums i'd like to discuss if these combinations do make sense or if i need to adjust them (the numbers represent the settings in SharpCap, where Gain=Gain and Offset=Brightness):
  • LOW: G 85 O 75
  • MEDIUM: G 128 O 300
  • HIGH: G 192 O 400
  • ULTRA: G 380 O 400
Any ideas about these settings? Good or bad? Are you using similar settings or are yours completely different?
Thanks in advance for any advice!

Clear Skies,
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13 Feb, 2018 20:51
Okay, forget what i've written. These settings don't work :-(
19 Feb, 2018 16:39
I have also been searching for the same information for the ASI178mc and have found very little until recently.  Check this link from the camera manufacturer’s website:

The mini article is about the ASI1600 and ASI071 gain settings however the 3rd question down from a customer (Nicolas) asks about gain settings for the ASI178mc.  ZWO Founder, Sam Wen, says to use the gain settings listed in the ASCOM driver for the ASI178mc.  When I checked the ASCOM settings using SGPro here is what I found:

Unity Gain ==>    Gain: 180   Offset: 25
Highest Dynamic Range ==>   Gain:  0    Offset:  25
Lowest Read Noise ==>   Gain: 270   Offset:  340

I also sought some guidance from the very helpful folks at out of Seattle where I’ve bought most of my telescope equipment and they generally recommended using a gain of around 50-100 for DSO and a higher gain, perhaps ~300+ for brighter planetary targets.Up to this point I have been experimenting with gains in the 250-330 range using short exposures, unguided.  My results are fairly mixed so far.  I live in an area with a lot of light pollution which tends to dominate my photos.  I am awaiting the arrival of a guide camera and scope along with a light pollution filter this week and I intend to try these recommended settings at my first opportunity.
Hope this helps,
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19 Feb, 2018 19:12
Hi Joe,

thanks fpr your reply. I played around recently with SharpCap (native drivers, no ASCOM) and the gain/offset settings. Whenever i touch the brightness value (which i believe to be offset)  the images are way too oversaturated - just white. Maybe i am doing something wrong, but at the moment i leave the brightness value at zero.

I am using gains between 64 and 256 depending on the target. I tried short exposures, but then i could not align the images due to too less stars in the field of view. At the moment i try to reduce the differential flexure on my autoguiding setup (see ). When this is fixed i'll come back to the problem with gain/offset combinations.

Nevertheless i am happy for your reply and wish you good luck with your new equipment.

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