Deep Sky West - New Sample Data (IC410 in Ha)!

28 Jun, 2016 01:02
For quite some time we've had a free data set available for download on Astrobin (Horsehead Nebula in Luminance).  This data has been downloaded several hundred times.  Today we've made new data available:  IC 410 (24x1800 Ha) taken at Deep Sky West with an FSQ-106 + QSI683wsg + Mach1GTO.  Enjoy and clear skies!

Follow the link below and click the "Download Free Data" button.  Enjoy!

Free Download

-Lloyd (Co-Founder, Deep Sky West)

P.S.  Thanks Salvatore!
29 Jun, 2016 03:01
I'll have to remember to work on these when I get back from my fourth of July trip ('MURICA!smile). It would be interesting to see how my take on the processing compares to others. I haven't opened PixInsight in months.
29 Jun, 2016 03:14
I took this data on my personal FSQ @ DSW, but have never processed myself.  Still waiting to get the Sii and Oiii.  Might take a while…. ;-)
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