Hello everyone!  I am new here and looking forward to engaging in the astronomical community.   I have been looking for answers all over and cant seem to figure it out.  So hopefully a few people can ring in on some advice for me.   I have a Celestron Nexstar 6SE I have been viewing with for a few years and I feel its time to move onto astrophotography.  So I purchased a Skyris 132m monochrome camera to start off with.  Trouble is when i try to use it everything is a big blur!  I tried the moon and all it was just a giant blob on the screen.  I am  green when it comes to this and apologize ahead of time and don't mind a direct "i'm doing it wrong do this instead" again outside of just viewing this is my first venture into astrophotography.  Thanks to everyone ahead of time for any info!
My set up:
.Firecapture 2.6
.Nexstar 6SE
.Skyris 132M
.Celestron 1.25"Filter Kit
Things I have tried:
.Adjusting the focus
.Adjusting my gain & exposure
.Adjusting my fps

So with that….do i need a focal reducer to allow the whole moon to be imaged?  Not just a close up blob.  Is there any way to zoom out or focus better?