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Hello from Chilliwack BC

28 Dec, 2018 18:44
Just joined Astrobin. Looking forward to posting some images soon.
i am in the process of setting up my observatory with a NexDome and
 Meade 14” GPS. My cameras are Mallincam video.

I am retired here on the West (Wet) Coast. My observatory is currently
to be located on the garage deck with views from  north through SE. South is
blocked to various degrees by trees, west is totally blocked by the house.  The
zenith is clear so imaging should be fine.

Future plans are to relocate to the north end of the yard, however a lot of landscaping
needs to be done before that happens. Hence installing and using NOW!

I hope to be up and operating by spring and get some imaging done before the
summer fires return and blanket the province in smoke.

Talk soon

02 Jan, 2019 13:14
Hi Bob,

welcome to AstroBin. Just show us some images of your NexDome (and of course some astroimages), i would be interested!

CS from germany,
09 May, 2019 23:41
  • I have now installed the dome. It went up without a hitch. It is a NexDome 2.2 m dome. My 14” LX 200 GPS just fits. There is maybe 2” or less to the shutter so any bigger would be a no go. I have a few pics of the install and will try to upload them.
The pics are on my iPhone, how do I transfer them? Or do I have to copy to a folder and then upload? When I figure it out I will post.

Edited 17 May, 2019 02:11
17 May, 2019 02:32
Still have not figured out how to upload an image.  The upload page will not let me select a file to upload.
At this point I have not subscribed but it says I can upload 10 pics.  Just want to show the new observatory.

17 May, 2019 07:16
I believe the easiest way is to copy them to your computer and then upload.
18 May, 2019 15:40
Hi Bob,

Welcome! I've built, and am running an observatory as part of a high school program near by in Shawnigan Lake. It would be great to connect some time.

18 May, 2019 19:07
I go to Upload File and click Choose File and Nothing!  Not sure where to go from here?
Insert image asks for a URL! I see others doing this so it must be possible.

Shawnigan Lake?  That is on the Island I believe?  But yes we should connect sometime soon,

Edited 18 May, 2019 19:09
18 May, 2019 19:25
Hi bob, And hello from across the Fraser river!  Im not sure if you are aware but  there is the Fraser Valley Astronomy society and we meet in Abbotsford  just off mt Lehman exit   this is our website  and our annual general meeting is june 12th, and then we are off for the summer untill we meet again in the fall. we have a some dedicated photographers and  lots of people with many years of knowledge.  we also  host a star party in Merritt b.c.  link and dates on the website.
enjoy.  and hope to see you out there one day.

19 May, 2019 00:05
Yes I know about the FVAS,  I am a past president of the Vancouver RASC.  I has contact during
the early days of the FVAS with Paul, but in recent years building a house in Chilliwack has taken priority.
Look forward to using my observatory.  Talk more later.

Edited 19 May, 2019 01:57
19 May, 2019 02:27
I have not been able to figure out how to post an image to this forum but I have gotten it to my Staging Area.
Here is a link to the image for those that want to see the dome.  The trees behind are almost due south so my
observing wil be from north through SE with the zenith and down to the west,  Good enough for now.

Here is the link I hope it works:

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