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Hello from Lebanon

31 Jul, 2018 21:11
Hello everyone,
Greetings from the coast of the Mediterranean sea. I've started a couple of years ago with an entry level Newtonian, looking at the Moon and stressing my eyes to get to see Jupiter. Then I went over my head with new gear to start with astrophotography (I tend to do that a lot, getting over my head part). I am currently using that with a stock Canon 80D, and I mostly image from my balcony, except for once so far where I ventured outside my comfort zone. It has a limited view, and half of it is so close to the horizon where most people stop imaging at. But it's convenient and that's what I can manage for most of the time. I am in the process of getting the cooled mono and filters. Yes I am again getting over my head, but DSLR temps of 35+ degrees celsius during summer and inability to modify the camera… It was that or a refractor with a wide FoV. Or both… I can't stop it.

Anyway, as a not so long time lurker, and an over his head beginner in this hobby, I thought of saying hello, and thank you for the amazing images and details. Those have been very helpful and inspiring.

Clear skies!
- Michel
Edited 31 Jul, 2018 21:12
01 Aug, 2018 09:49
Welcome aboard Michel!
01 Aug, 2018 13:00
Welcome from germany, Michel. I wish you CS and not so hot nights :-)
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