Hello from NWT, Canada

07 Sep, 2018 20:20
Hi Everyone.  I see there are some great imagers and images here.  Hope to enjoy reviewing them and learning from your experience.
08 Sep, 2018 14:08
Hey there … if you are at NWT then means you are in right place to become great astro imager smile  … did you born there or just moved?  …. Greg from Mississauga, Ontario
08 Sep, 2018 21:39
Born in Newfoundland. Lived here 20 years. It’s good in terms of darkness but not great otherwise. Cold when dark and warm when buggy and not dark. There are a few months that are ok. I try to make the best of it.
09 Sep, 2018 09:48
Hello cdnastro,


Greetings from germany,
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