Hello from Reggio Emilia

15 Sep, 2018 18:06
Hello to all smile

After having visited astrobin for months, I finally signed up!
The photos are of great inspiration and the information is more useful than many books!

I fill the car trunk with a 200/800 Skywatcher and an azEQ6pro, at the moment with DSLR waiting to add a little at a time the other pieces of the puzzle.

Shot mainly from the Apennines of Reggio Emilia, Italy
16 Sep, 2018 06:38
Welcome to AB. I love this site and I'm sure you will too.

Don't worry about adding equipment a little at a time, enjoy the ride and grow as you can.

We'll be waiting for you next image!  smile
Miguel   8-)
Edited 16 Sep, 2018 06:39
16 Sep, 2018 15:18
Hi Riccardo,

welcome from germany. Spent my last vacation near the region of Reggio Emilia, really great location! Looking forward to your next images!

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