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Since these objects have been my target of choice in the light poluted San Francisco Bay Area I thought I would make a grouping. Often I want to search Astrobin for prior efforts to see if the image is feasible. Here I can put together a series of mine and others attempts and failures.... Hey avoid Sh2 85)....

I have been on a project for several years now to image all the Sharpless2 Objects that I can see from my location near San Francisco. I chose these because they are visible in light polluted areas. These objects generally represent left over Hydrogen along the edge of the Milky Way that has gotten molded into interesting shapes.

There are 313 Sh2 objects and those below 70 and above 283 are generally too low on the horizon for me to image... this leaves me 213 that are feasible... and I have imaged all of these but 36. 13 of these are too big for my system. Many were taken with my old Tak 180 ED, which had a wide field of view, but was replaced with my Stellarvue 130, which is more narrow field.

Salvador has now enabled ordering of "Collections" by tags. I have created a collection of all my Sharpless2 Objects order by tag. I hope we will be able to get this collection also order, but each object will have to have a tag entered like "sh=298"

Sharpless2 Collection

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