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Mid-Hudson Astronomical Association (MHAA)

The Mid-Hudson Astronomical Association, a.k.a. MHAA, is a group of amateur astronomy enthusiasts based in the Mid-Hudson region of New York state. Our purpose is to share our knowledge and the excitement of astronomy with members, students, and the general public. We are engaged for numerous outreach service engagements with libraries, scout groups, schools, weddings, etc. every year.

We also have an increasing number of members of all levels of experience interested in traditional astrophotography and EAA that produce impressive results all year round. We have members:
- as young as 16 starting their own school astronomy club
- serving as instructors at workshops and in private consultation
- just getting into it this year
- who have been at it for decades

All of us come together and share results, experience, and support in our Slack workspace. We hope to share some of those results here in Astrobin as well to exhibit the excellent astrophotography achievable in the Mid-Hudson Valley region.

Check out our website (www.midhudsonastro.org) if you'd like to learn more about our group, our outreach, our services, our star parties (year-round around each new moon), our monthly presentations (Zoom and in person), joining as an official member, etc.

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