Hemisphere:  Southern  ·  Constellation: Aquarius (Aqr)  ·  Contains:  Helix Nebula  ·  NGC 7293
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NGC7293-The Helix Nebula in NB, 


            Ian Parr
NGC7293-The Helix Nebula in NB
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NGC7293-The Helix Nebula in NB

Acquisition type: Electronically-Assisted Astronomy (EAA, e.g. based on a live video feed)

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: TeleVue NP127is

Imaging cameras: QSI 690 wsg-8

Mounts: Paramount MyT

Guiding cameras: Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2

Software: Adobe Photoshop CC  ·  Main Sequence Software Seqence Generator Pro  ·  PixInsight  ·  TheSkyX-Pro  ·  PHD 2

Filters: Astronomik SII  ·  Astronomik OIII 1.25" 12nm  ·  Astronomik HA

Accessory: Optec Pyxis Camera Field Rotator 2"

Dates:Sept. 22, 2020

Frames: 90x300"

Integration: 7.5 hours

Avg. Moon age: 5.72 days

Avg. Moon phase: 32.68%

Basic astrometry details

Astrometry.net job: 4043039

RA center: 22h 29' 37"

DEC center: -20° 49' 58"

Pixel scale: 1.148 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 241.054 degrees

Field radius: 0.358 degrees

Resolution: 1502x1670

Locations: Backyard Hawkesbury Heights, Hawkesbury Height, NS, Australia

Data source: Backyard


The best 7 /12 hours from 12 hours of exposures between August and September 2020
The SII HA OIII pallet took some playing around so without resorting to layer masking, I settled on selecting the hue that best revealed the inner tendrils on blue. Complaints about the color are welcome 😅😜
Another object to revisit next year with improved technique but now it is just too hot to leave my gear setup in the backyard pump shed I use as an observatory (at over 45 degrees). Cooling systems under investigation but in the Southern Hemisphere winter is where it all happens anyway.


Sky plot

Sky plot


NGC7293-The Helix Nebula in NB, 


            Ian Parr