Hemisphere:  Southern  ·  Contains:  IC 2177  ·  IC2177  ·  Sh2-292
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IC-2177 Seagull-head, 


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IC-2177 Seagull-head

Imaging telescopes or lenses: PlaneWave Instruments CDK 12.5"

Imaging cameras: Atik 414EX  ·  Moravian Instrument G4-16000

Mounts: Astro-Physics Inc AP 1100 GTO

Guiding telescopes or lenses: PlaneWave Instruments CDK 12.5"

Guiding cameras: Atik 414EX  ·  Moravian Instrument G4-16000

Software: TheSkyX  ·  Adobe Photoshop CC 2020  ·  Pixinsight  ·  MaxPilote  ·  FocusMax4

Filters: Chroma Technology Chroma OIII 3nm  ·  Chroma Red  ·  Chroma Technology Chroma Blue  ·  Chroma Technology Chroma Green  ·  Chroma Technology Chroma R  ·  Chroma Technology Chroma L  ·  Chroma Technology Chroma SII 3nm  ·  Chroma Technology Chroma Ha 3nm

Accessory: Skyméca DO 3"

Dates:Dec. 15, 2019Dec. 16, 2019Dec. 17, 2019Dec. 18, 2019Dec. 25, 2019Dec. 29, 2019

Chroma Technology Chroma Blue: 15x300" -20C bin 1x1
Chroma Technology Chroma Green: 14x300" -20C bin 1x1
Chroma Technology Chroma Ha 3nm: 46x1200" -20C bin 1x1
Chroma Technology Chroma OIII 3nm: 39x1200" -20C bin 1x1
Chroma Technology Chroma R: 13x300" -20C bin 1x1
Chroma Technology Chroma SII 3nm: 49x1200" -20C bin 1x1

Integration: 48.2 hours

Darks: ~110

Flats: ~5

Bias: ~200

Avg. Moon age: 18.51 days

Avg. Moon phase: 50.86%

Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 1.00

Astrometry.net job: 3845883

RA center: 7h 5' 18"

DEC center: -10° 38' 7"

Pixel scale: 0.733 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 1.147 degrees

Field radius: 0.581 degrees

Resolution: 4026x4040

Data source: Own remote observatory

Remote source: Observatorio El Sauce


During our treatments in progress, we still present an image made during the tests and settings for the set-up and so not totally completed but that we like and would like to share with you:

NGC 4945
IC 2177 (or SH2-296 or Gum1) is a region of nebulosity that lies along the border between the constellations Monoceros and Canis Major. It is a roughly circular H II region centered on the Be star HD 53367. It is located 3,800 light-years away from Earth, inside the Orion spur -- the same partial spiral arm of the Milky Way where our solar system is located.

The name Seagull Nebula is sometimes applied by amateur astronomers to this emission region, although it more properly includes the neighboring regions of star clusters, dust clouds and reflection nebulae. This latter region includes the open clusters NGC 2335 and NGC 2343 and the reflection nebula NGC 2327

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Sky plot

Sky plot


IC-2177 Seagull-head,