Contains:  Solar system body or event
Moon and Earthshine, 


            Steed Yu
Moon and Earthshine, 


            Steed Yu

Moon and Earthshine

Imaging telescopes or lenses: BLACKHOLE 10-inch f/4 Reflector

Imaging cameras: QHYccd QHY268M

Software: Autostakkert3  ·  PixInsight 1.8.6 Ripley  ·  Adobe Photoshop 2020  ·  SharpCap 3.2

Filters: LRGB

Date: March 19, 2021

Frames: 1000

FPS: 6.00000

Focal length: 1000

Resolution: 6132x9199

Locations: Yao'an Observatory, Yao'an, Yunnan, China

Data source: Own remote observatory

Remote source: Non-commercial independent facility



Moon and Earthshine, 


            Steed Yu

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