Contains:  Solar system body or event
Jupiter 2021/08/19, 


            Alexandre Picoli Scardua

Jupiter 2021/08/19

Acquisition details

Date: Aug. 19, 2021

Time: 00:51

Frames: 8000

FPS: 125

Focal length: 5100

CMI: 18.90

CMII: 194.20

CMIII: 17.40

Seeing: 3

Transparency: 8

Resolution: 720x960

File size: 1.5 MB

Locations: ALEXANDRE PICOLI SCARDUA, VITORIA, Espirito Santo, Brazil

Data source: Backyard


Seeing giving the air of grace to Jupiter and looks that it wasn't in 40% of the recording that the seeing fit.
Jupiter in any position that is facing us at the time of the photo is a lot of fun to capture. All your faces have beautiful points to observe. Highlight for the beautiful trail left by Oval BA.

Dob 12,5” f/4.6
QHY462C + UV/IR Cut + Barlow Siebert 3.5X
Jupiter 2021-08-19  00:51,4UT  Vitoria - ES - Brazil
CMI=18,9°   CMII= 194,2°  CMIII= 17,4°  - Altitude:  61°



Jupiter 2021/08/19, 


            Alexandre Picoli Scardua