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NGC 7822

Contains: NGC 7822

Technical card

Imaging camera: ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool

Mount: Astro-Physics Mach1GTO

Guiding telescope or lens: Finder Guider

Guiding camera: Orion SSAG

Focal reducer: Stellarvue SFFR-70APO

Software: PixInsightPhotoshop CS3Maxim DL

Filter: Baader LRGB 1.25'' CCD Filters

Resolution: 4176x3252

Dates: Sept. 25, 2016Sept. 28, 2016Sept. 29, 2016Sept. 30, 2016Oct. 1, 2016

Baader B 1.25'' CCD Filter: 102x90" (gain: 139.00) -10C bin 1x1
Baader G 1.25'' CCD Filter: 100x90" (gain: 139.00) -10C bin 1x1
Baader H-alpha 7nm : 36x300" (gain: 139.00) -10C bin 1x1
Baader L 1.25" CCD Filter: 118x90" (gain: 139.00) -10C bin 1x1
Baader R 1.25'' CCD Filter: 69x90" (gain: 139.00) -10C bin 1x1

Integration: 12.7 hours

Avg. Moon age: 27.26 days

Avg. Moon phase: 9.32% job: 1270606

RA center: 0.514 degrees

DEC center: 66.959 degrees

Pixel scale: 2.315 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 178.637 degrees

Field radius: 1.702 degrees


Taken over the week of 9/25/2016-10/01/2016 at the Peach State Star Gaze at the Deerlick Astronomy Village in Georgia.

I haven't combined LRGB and Ha data for a long time so I was relearning the process in Pixinsight. I ended up using the NBRGBCombination script which did a good job mostly. Color balance feels a little wacky after that step - and I think star colors suffered as well. I'll try another pass on it after this iteration sinks in a little more and I read some more tutorials.




Sky plot

Sky plot


NGC 7822 , mikefulb