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Jupiter - February 20, 2017
IC 410, Tadpoles
Milky Way Mosaic
Sh2-240 Bicolor 4-panel Mosaic
Rosett Nebula HaSHO
NGC 2264, Cone and Fox Fur
Misti Messier 104
M35 and NGC2158
IC 443
NGC 660 Polar Ring Galaxy HaLRGB
M42 4-panle mosaic
M108 - M97 Widefield
Jupiter with Ganymede and its shadow in transit 17.2.2017
The Rosette Nebula (Caldwell 49) SHO Portrait Version
JUPITER animação
M 104 / NGC 4594 / Sombrero Galaxy
Iris NGC 7023 - VDB 141 - LDN
Sh-2 308 in Canis Major
3D Copernic
Great orion nebula, Horse head nebula
IC1848 HA_S2_O3
Orion's Sword
NGC 7662
NGC 7023, The Iris Nebula