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A collection of great images that were recently handpicked.
NGC 6188 - NGC 6193
HH555 - Herbig Haro Object in Pelican
Quiescent prominence - 18.06.2017 (The Witch :) )
The Statue of Liberty Nebula
Saturn showing faint white ovals in the NEB
Sh2-216 and 221 in Auriga with Astrel8300
M63 with tidal extensions, small aperture.
"The Black Scorpion" - Barnard 84 Dark Nebula
IC 4603 Hyperstar
Orion Belt southern part
Cocoon Nebula - IC 5146
North America/Pelican mosaic
Komet C/2015 V2 Johnson
Central Part Of The Milky Way Galaxy In Sagittarius!
Lightning over Wichita, KS on June 14, 2017
Jupiter - June 17, 2017
LBN33 in Sagittarius
Eta Carina Nebula
NGC 6995 -Veil nebula in HaOIIIRGB
cometa C/2015 V2 (Johnson)
Abell 39 2017.06.01/02
Blue Horsehead Nebula
Sh 2-308 in Canis Major
IC 2944 in Centaurus
NGC 1333