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A collection of great images that were recently handpicked.
Carina Nebula ( Narrow band HST)
Panther in the Rosette
De Stöfler à Werner
PK 104-29.1 (Jones 1)
Dark nebulae in Taurus B7/B10/LDN782
Melotte 15 from Deep Sky West
IC 1805, Mel 15, SH2-190
Messier 31 - Andromeda Galaxy
Triangulum Galaxy
Northern Lights Aurora Borealis
Bubble Nebula, 2014->2016
NGC 1499 California Nebula
Heart and Soul Nebula
IC410 - The Tadpoles Nebula (HOO)
NGC 3372 - The Carina Nebula
NGC 2359 - IC 468 - CASCO DE THOR
M 63 or NGC 5055: "Sunflower, bathed in rivers of the stars"
NGC 2244 and the Rosette Nebula
From Rosette to Cone - NGC 2244 - NGC 2264
Zona Sur Lunar 7-1-2017
Holliday's reboot on the Elephant Trunk
M1, Jan-2016 and Jan-2017
NGC1499 - California nebula HaRGB
Stadius-Erastothènes dans l'ombre
Orion's belt