Sharpless 2-106, 


            Brandon Pimenta

Sharpless 2-106

Acquisition details

Basic astrometry details job: 904225

Resolution: 620x461

File size: 235.9 KB


Sh2-106 is a bipolar nebula in Cygnus. It is known as the Celestial Snow Angel and also the Hourglass Nebula. A young massive star in the center blows away a strong stellar wind from it poles and ionizing the dust creating this star-forming region which spans 2 light years.

Red: hst_12326_43_wfc3_ir_f160w_sci.fits

Green: Pseudo

Blue: hst_12326_43_wfc3_ir_f110w_sci.fits

Data from February 12, 2011 obtained from Hubble Legacy Archive.

This image was featured as an APOD on February 16, 2016.



Sharpless 2-106, 


            Brandon Pimenta