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Mars 2016 06 27 00:47 UT, 


            Almir Germano

Mars 2016 06 27 00:47 UT

Technical card

Resolution: 500x500

Locations: Backyard, Maringa, Parana, Brazil


Last clear night around here.

SCT11", f/30, ASI224MC Cooled.

Near 9 minutes of captures, derotated with WinJupos.

Less clouds around than my capture from June 10th, this side looks a little less "dusty" too.

Elysium is center piece here, and the projections from Terra Cimmeria, down south, where Curiosity is, at Gale Crater.

Cloud front over Utopia up north, and a very bright cloud "ring" over the North pole.



Mars 2016 06 27 00:47 UT, 


            Almir Germano