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Image of the day 04/05/2017

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    Milky Way(s), 


            Kiko Fairbairn

    Technical card

    Imaging telescopes or lenses: Canon 50mm f/1.4

    Imaging cameras: Canon 6D modified

    Mounts: Skywatcher StarAdventurer

    Software: Photoshop CS5  ·  PixInsight

    Basic astrometry details job: 1512829

    Resolution: 5436x5224

    Locations: Padre Bernardo, Padre Bernardo, GO, Brazil


    Image taken during the 9th Brazilian Astrophotography Meeting, 07/2016

    . # 1 frames of 80 sec, ISO 5000 for the sky;
    . # 1 Frame of 100 sec, ISO 4000 for terrestrial;

    It was a big challenge to polar align the compact Star Adventurer in this particular site. Kind of a swamp. The tripod sank and moved a lot.

    In onder to combine both frames I've used PT Gui.



    Milky Way(s), 


            Kiko Fairbairn