Contains:M 7, NGC 6475
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The Ptolomeu Cluster (M7), 


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The Ptolomeu Cluster (M7)

The Ptolomeu Cluster (M7)

Technical card

Resolution: 5202x3465

Dates: Nov. 13, 2017

Frames: 22x15" ISO1600 30C

Integration: 0.1 hours

Darks: ~8

Flats: ~20

Bias: ~8

Avg. Moon age: 24.81 days

Avg. Moon phase: 23.15%

Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 6.00

Temperature: 26.00 job: 1974330

RA center: 268.449 degrees

DEC center: -34.775 degrees

Pixel scale: 0.528 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 251.773 degrees

Field radius: 0.459 degrees

Locations: Home , SAO PAULO, Brazil

Data source: Unknown


Image captured with a Skywatcher Mak180 using a Celestron 6,3 Reducer/Corrector. Image camera was a Canon T3i mod. No filters used. 2" camera to telescope adapter. 22 frames of 15". Darks, Flats and Bias used.

M7 is a large magnificent naked eye open cluster located in the constellation of Scorpius. It's one of the brightest open clusters and has been known since ancient times. It was first recorded in 130 AD by Greek-Roman astronomer Ptolemy and in recognition of this early observation, M7 is often referred to as the Ptolemy Cluster. Italian astronomer Giovanni Batista Hodierna observed 30 stars sometime before 1654 and Charles Messier adding it to his catalogue in 1764.



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  • The Ptolomeu Cluster (M7), 


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    The Ptolomeu Cluster (M7), 


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Sky plot

Sky plot


The Ptolomeu Cluster (M7), 


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