Hemisphere:  Northern  ·  Constellation: Auriga (Aur)  ·  Contains:  NGC 1893
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IC 410, The Tadpoles (close-up), 


            Ruben Barbosa
IC 410, The Tadpoles (close-up)
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IC 410, The Tadpoles (close-up)

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: TPO RC8

Software: Maxim DL, Gimp

Ha: 12x1200"
OIII: 12x1200"
SII: 12x1200"

Integration: 12.0 hours

Basic astrometry details

Astrometry.net job: 4286456

RA center: 5h 22' 41"

DEC center: +33° 23' 6"

Pixel scale: 0.589 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 104.224 degrees

Field radius: 0.341 degrees

Resolution: 3281x2564

Data source: Public amateur data


* Image acquisition by: Christopher Gomez.
* Processing: Ruben Barbosa.

As we contemplate the beauty of this image, in its center we can see two intriguing but well-defined structures of gas and dust making us remember two tadpoles crossing a blue lagoon. For this reason, IC 410 is known as the Tadpole Nebula.

IC 410 is located in the constellation Auriga, about 12,000 light-years away; Is an emission nebula that contains the open cluster NGC 1893, where massive stars formed just 4 million years ago emit ultraviolet light that energizes the gas in the nebula.

Tadpoles are about 10 light-years in length and exhibit beautiful tails, and are estimated to be star formation sites; Sculpted by wind and star radiation located in the center of the cluster, their heads are delineated by ionized gas.



  • IC 410, The Tadpoles (close-up), 


            Ruben Barbosa
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    IC 410, The Tadpoles (close-up), 


            Ruben Barbosa

Sky plot

Sky plot


IC 410, The Tadpoles (close-up), 


            Ruben Barbosa