Contains: Comet, C/2009 P1 (Garradd)

Last comet Garradd after dusk

Technical card

Imaging telescope or lens: GSO Newton 8" f/4

Imaging camera: Canon EOS 350D / Digital Rebel XT

Mount: LXD75

Guiding telescope or lens: Bresser Skylux 70/700

Guiding camera: Meade DSI

Software: PHD guidingDeepSkyStackerAPT - Astro Photography ToolPixInsight LE

Accessory: Teleskop-Service Coma Corrector

Resolution: 2600x2080

Dates: Nov. 25, 2011

Frames: 10x75" ISO1600

Integration: 0.2 hours

Darks: ~15

Bias: ~100

Avg. Moon age: 0.27 days

Avg. Moon phase: 0.08%

Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 3.00

Mean SQM: 20.70

Mean FWHM: 5.25

Temperature: 7.00

Locations: Hoya Redonda - Valencia (Spain), Enguera, Valencia, Spain


The comet C/2009 P1 Garradd on November 25, continues showing a wide and short tail of dust toward left, the narrow and more longer tail of gas toward upper left, although this last appears very faint in the image.

More info into the Blog  C O M E T O G R A F I A  (in Spanish)



José J. Chambó


Last comet Garradd after dusk, José J. Chambó

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