Cats Eye Nebula, 


            John Corban

Cats Eye Nebula

Acquisition details

Aug. 4, 2018
9×45(6′ 45″)
6′ 45″
Avg. Moon age:
21.88 days
Avg. Moon phase:

Basic astrometry details job: 2184711

Resolution: 629x629

File size: 96.1 KB

Data source: Backyard


Last night I thought I’d try and improve on an earlier Cat Eye attempt from last month. I’m glad I did because Portland area skies seem smoked out the next day from the NW fires. So, with 2x PowerMate in hand giving almost 5,600mm f.l. @ f22, I was good to go. The object is so bright that it needed only 45 second subs @ 800 ISO. With processing there were some difficulties with RegiStar successfully stacking only 9 out of 29 images. So, I went with the 9 successfully stacked mages from Registar. Perhaps I can get going sometime and do manual alignment on the remaining images. I did try to stretch it a wee bit by stacking a second group of images, at +.75 stops in Adobe raw, and then combining the 2 groups as layers in Photoshop. I think it might of helped just a little on the outer red jets.



Cats Eye Nebula, 


            John Corban