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Mars - Fading from View, 


            Jason Guenzel

Mars - Fading from View


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Acquisition details

Date: Sept. 3, 2018

Time: 01:52

Frames: 2500

Seeing: 3

Resolution: 653x653

Data source: Backyard


Well, to be honest, I forgot I shot this data set. I was offloading my temporary imaging folder and found that I captured a set on Mars on 03-SEP-2018. At this point, Mars was roughly 20" in size and quickly receding from view. Mars was already showing a gibbous phase. On a positive note, by early September the albedo was returning as the global dust storm subsided.

This set was captured through my "budget" planetary rig, the TPO 12" Imaging Newtonian at f/20 (5x Powermate) and the ASI174MM-Cool. It is a huge project for me to wield that beast, so I don't have it out all the time. Unfortunately, seeing was just average during the session and deteriorated quickly. This was the first RGB set I collected that night and the only one worth processing. I have to keep reminding myself that Mars barely topped 20 degrees above the horizon here in Michigan this summer.

Enjoy! ... I personally won't get a better look until it comes back around.



Mars - Fading from View, 


            Jason Guenzel

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