Hemisphere:  Northern  ·  Contains:  NGC 7023  ·  NGC7023  ·  T Cep  ·  VdB139  ·  VdB141
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Iris nebula C4/Ced187/Cr429/LBN487/NGC7023/VdB139 widefield (c), 


            Ram Samudrala
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Iris nebula C4/Ced187/Cr429/LBN487/NGC7023/VdB139 widefield (c)

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Takahashi FC-100DF

Imaging cameras: QHYCCD QHY247C

Mounts: Software Bisque Paramount MyT

Focal reducers: Takahashi Reducer FC-35

Software: SharpCap Pro  ·  PixInsight  ·  Software Bisque TheSkyX Professional Suite

Filters: Baader Planetarium UV/IR Cut

Dates:July 4, 2019

Baader Planetarium UV/IR Cut: 85x120" (gain: 0.50) -15C bin 1x1
Baader Planetarium UV/IR Cut: 10x15" (gain: 0.50) -15C bin 1x1

Integration: 2.9 hours

Darks: ~135

Avg. Moon age: 1.91 days

Avg. Moon phase: 4.06%

Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 3.00

Mean FWHM: 4.00

Temperature: 15.00

Astrometry.net job: 2783478

RA center: 21h 1' 12"

DEC center: +68° 12' 28"

Pixel scale: 1.688 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 171.305 degrees

Field radius: 1.700 degrees

Resolution: 6024x4024

Locations: Ram Samudrala, Youngstown, NY, United States

Data source: Backyard


This is my second image with my QHY247C. It's a widefield of the Iris nebula, a reflection nebula. I experimented with combining short exposure images with longer exposure ones on this one using HDRComposition but there's the school of thought that for each object you need to find the optimal exposure length and gain and stick with it. I'm not wedded to any single approach but obviously if the goal with an OSC is to minimise the work done, then the latter approach has more merit purely from an efficiency perspective. I also wonder if the smoky background areas could benefit from more collection but my goal is to work harder on the NB images (especially with the data collection part) and use the OSC for quicker shots (especially of things not easily accessed by NB imaging).



Ram Samudrala
License: Attribution Creative Commons

Sky plot

Sky plot


Iris nebula C4/Ced187/Cr429/LBN487/NGC7023/VdB139 widefield (c), 


            Ram Samudrala

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