Image of the day 05/16/2020

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    Plains and Summits in the Lagoon Nebula (HST), 


            Alberto Pisabarro

    Plains and Summits in the Lagoon Nebula (HST)

    Technical card

    Imaging cameras: WFC3/UVIS

    Software: Pisinsight 1.8

    Filters: F502N (O III)  ·  F658N (N II)  ·  F656N (H-alpha)

    Integration: 0.0 hours

    Basic astrometry details job: 3498987

    Resolution: 4940x5555

    Data source: Professional, scientific grade data


    I have spent a few hours enjoying the processing of this magnificent image obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope, I am fascinated by the appearance of the clouds of gas and dust that are seen in the image, since I began to process it I cannot remove from my head the impression that I am observing the surface of Mars. I encourage you to spend a little time enjoying the magnificent Hubble data.

    In February 2018 the STScI Outreach Imaging Team obtained a large mosaic image, with 4 pointings in a 2x2 pattern, of the Lagoon Nebula (Messier 8) with the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). The resulting color composite images were released in April 2018 to celebrate Hubble's 28th anniversary.



    Plains and Summits in the Lagoon Nebula (HST), 


            Alberto Pisabarro

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