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Contains:  IC 1170, IC 1178, IC 1181, IC 1182, IC 1185, IC 1193, IC1170, IC1172, IC1176, IC1178, IC1179, IC1181, IC1182, IC1183, IC1184, IC1185, IC1193, NGC 6039, NGC 6040, NGC 6041, NGC 6043, NGC 6044, NGC 6045, NGC 6047, NGC 6050, NGC 6054, NGC 6056, NGC6040, NGC6041, NGC6042, NGC6043, NGC6044, NGC6045, NGC6047, NGC6050, NGC6054, NGC6056, PGC100394, PGC140568, PGC1536659, PGC1536670, PGC1536800, PGC1537110, PGC1538875, PGC1538912, PGC1539014, PGC1539032, PGC1539264, PGC1539367, PGC1540022, PGC1540143, PGC1540468, PGC1540505, PGC1540509, PGC1540575, PGC1540978, PGC1541018, PGC1541265, PGC1541356, PGC1541521, PGC1541562, PGC1541950, PGC1541954, PGC1542056, PGC1542224, PGC1542301, PGC1542449, PGC1542467, PGC1543586, PGC1543879, PGC1544323, PGC1545033, PGC1545091, PGC1545466, PGC1546297, PGC3085054, PGC3085055, PGC3085059, PGC3098103, PGC56942, PGC56960, PGC57000, PGC57020, PGC57023, PGC57042, PGC57043, PGC57047, PGC57052, PGC57053, PGC57055, PGC57060, PGC57061, PGC57064, PGC57070, PGC57071, PGC57073, PGC57077, PGC57097, PGC57115, PGC57123, PGC57143, PGC84714, PGC84715, PGC84719, PGC84720, PGC84722, PGC84724, PGC84738
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Abell 2151 with NGC 6041, NGC 6040, IC 1182 and IC 1182 as well as IC1178, 


            Riedl Rudolf
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Abell 2151 with NGC 6041, NGC 6040, IC 1182 and IC 1182 as well as IC1178

Technical card

Dates:April 22, 2020

Frames: 77x422" ISO1600

Integration: 9.0 hours

Darks: ~25

Flats: ~25

Bias: ~25

Avg. Moon age: 28.98 days

Avg. Moon phase: 0.34%

Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 4.00

Mean SQM: 21.50

Temperature: 2.00 job: 3477056

RA center: 16h 5' 24"

DEC center: +17° 44' 44"

Pixel scale: 0.971 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -35.198 degrees

Field radius: 0.301 degrees

Resolution: 1729x1420

Data source: Backyard


Abell 2151 is as well called the Hercules Cluster. This cluster is in a distance of about 500 Mio Lj.
The most prominent galaxies ar the elliptical NGC 6041 at the right side. Above is the Galaxy 6040 A+b which are about to merge. At the lower side of the picture are the two galaxies IC 1178 and 1181. This two galaxies made several turns together and have a big halo. IC 1182 is at the left side and has a long tidal tail - very interesting!
In the center of the field is NGC 6050 and IC 1179 - two galaxies which merge. They are as well listed as ARP 272. Above is NGC 6045 with a companion which is called as well ARP 71.
There are plenty of other galaxies in the field of view.



Riedl Rudolf
License: None (All rights reserved)

Sky plot

Sky plot


Abell 2151 with NGC 6041, NGC 6040, IC 1182 and IC 1182 as well as IC1178, 


            Riedl Rudolf