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M42 + NGC1973/5/7, 


M42 + NGC1973/5/7
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Technical card

Software: Fits Liberator  ·  Photoshop CS6  ·  Stark Labs Nebulosity 3

Dates:Feb. 4, 2014

Frames: 6x300" (30')

Integration: 30'

Avg. Moon age: 5.10 days

Avg. Moon phase: 26.65%

Basic astrometry details

Astrometry.net job: 176552

RA center: 05h35m12s

DEC center: -05°0534

Orientation: 90.446 degrees

Field radius: 0.783 degrees

Resolution: 620x423


***EDIT*** - after receiving some feedback, I reprocessed the image. I cropped off some of the left side to center the image better and adjusted the colors.

Here's a composite shot of the Orion Nebula (M42) and the Running Man Nebula (NGC 1973/75/77). Each nebula was totaled out to 30 minutes worth of exposure (6x300 seconds). I aligned and stacked both in Nebulosity 3, stretched histograms for each separate channel in FITS Liberator, then combined each channel of both nebulae in Photoshop CS6, then combined all three channels into one image. I applied some heavy post processing to bring out as much detail and luminosity as possible, even though you can see the split running right down the middle (I tried to minimize this as much as I could).

Both images were taken with this telescope: http://www.itelescope.net/telescope-t3/

CCD: SBIG ST-8300C One Shot Color CCD

OTA: Takahashi TOA-150

Optical Design: Apochromatic Refractor

Aperture: 150mm

Focal Length: 1095mm

F/Ratio: f7.3

Mount: Paramount GTS



  • Final
    M42 + NGC1973/5/7, 


  • M42 + NGC1973/5/7, 


  • M42 + NGC1973/5/7, 



Sky plot

Sky plot


M42 + NGC1973/5/7,