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Contains:  10 nu. Cep, 12 Cep, 13 Cep, 14 Cep, 15 Cep, 17 ksi Cep, 18 Cep, 19 Cep, 2 Lac, 2 tet Cep, 20 Cep, 21 zet Cep, 22 lam Cep, 23 eps Cep, 25 Cep, 26 Cep, 27 del Cep, 3 bet Lac, 3 eta Cep, 30 Cep, 33 Cyg, 4 Cep, 4 Lac, 43 Cyg, 44 Cyg, 45 ome01 Cyg, 46 ome02 Cyg, 5 alf Cep, 50 alf Cyg, 51 Cyg, 54 lam Cyg, 55 Cyg, 56 Cyg, 57 Cyg, 58 nu. Cyg, 59 f01 Cyg, 6 Cep, 60 Cyg, 61 Cyg, 62 ksi Cyg, 63 f02 Cyg, 64 e Dra, 65 Dra, 65 tau Cyg, 66 Dra, 67 sig Cyg, 68 A Cyg, 68 Dra, 69 Cyg, 7 Cep, 70 Cyg, 71 Dra, 71 g Cyg, 72 Cyg, 73 rho Cyg, 74 Cyg, 75 Cyg, 76 Cyg, 77 Cyg, 79 Cyg, 80 pi.01 Cyg, 81 pi.02 Cyg, 9 Cep, AR Lac, Alderamin, Alkurhah, Azelfafage, B148, B149, B150, B151, B152, B153, B154, B155, B157, B158, B159, B160, B161, B162, B163, B164, B165, B166, B167, B169, B170, B171, B173, B174, B345, B346, B347, B348, B349, B350, B351, B352, B353, B354, B355, B356, B357, B358, B359, B360, B361, B362, B363, B364, B365, B366, B367, B368, B369, B370, CP Cyg, Cepheus, Cocoon nebula, Deneb, Erakis, IC 1396, IC 5068, IC 5070, IC1369, IC1396, IC1434, IC1442, IC5068, IC5070, IC5076, IC5117, IC5146, IC5180, IC5217, M 39, M39, NGC 7000, NGC 7092, NGC6914, NGC6916, NGC6939, NGC6946, NGC6949, NGC6951, NGC6952, NGC6991, NGC6996, NGC6997, NGC7000, NGC7008, NGC7026, NGC7027, NGC7031, NGC7039, NGC7044, NGC7048, NGC7062, NGC7063, NGC7067, NGC7076, NGC7082, NGC7086, NGC7127, NGC7128, NGC7129, NGC7133, NGC7139, NGC7142, NGC7150, NGC7160, NGC7197, NGC7209, NGC7223, NGC7226, NGC7227, NGC7228, NGC7231, NGC7235, NGC7243, NGC7245, NGC7261, NGC7281, NGC7296, NGC7354, North America nebula, PK078+00.1, PK078-02.1, PK079+00.1, PK081+03.1, PK083+05.1, PK083-08.1, PK084+01.1, PK084+02.1, PK084-04.1, PK085+04.1, PK086+00.1, PK086+05.1, PK086-08.1, PK087-03.1, PK088+04.1, PK088+06.1, PK089-00.1, PK089-02.1, PK091+01.1, PK091-04.1, PK092+05.1, PK093+01.1, PK093+05.1, PK093-00.1, PK093-00.2, PK093-02.1, PK094-00.1, PK095+00.1, PK095+07.1, PK095-02.1, PK096+01.1, PK096+02.1, PK097+03.1, PK097-02.1, PK098+02.1, PK098+04.1, PK100+04.1, PK102-02.1, PK103+00.1, PK103+00.2, PK104+00.1, PK104-01.1, PK104-01.2, PK105+00.1, PK107+07.1, Part of the constellation Cepheus (Cep), Part of the constellation Lacerta (Lac), Pelican nebula, RW Cep, Ruchba, Sh2-107, Sh2-109, Sh2-112, Sh2-113, Sh2-114, Sh2-115, Sh2-116, Sh2-117, Sh2-118, Sh2-120, Sh2-121, Sh2-123, Sh2-124, Sh2-125, Sh2-127, Sh2-128, Sh2-129, Sh2-130, Sh2-132, Sh2-133, Sh2-135, Sh2-137, Sh2-138, Sh2-139, Sh2-140, Sh2-141, Sh2-145, Sh2-150, The star Alderamin (αCep), The star Deneb (αCyg), The star Garnet Star (μCep), The star δCep, The star ζCep, The star ηCep, The star νCyg, The star ξCyg, The star ρCyg, The star τCyg, VV Cep, VdB132, VdB136, VdB137, VdB138, VdB140, VdB142, VdB144, VdB145, VdB146, VdB147, VdB148, VdB151, VdB153, VdB154, W Cyg, mu. Cep, ups01 Cep
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Cepheus and Cygnus Widefield, 


            Riedl Rudolf
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Cepheus and Cygnus Widefield

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses:Sigma 40mm f1,4 DG HSM Art

Imaging cameras:Nikon D5100a

Mounts:Star Adventurer

Software:Pixinsight 1.8

Dates:Sept. 3, 2019

Frames: 70x60" ISO1600

Integration: 1.2 hours

Darks: ~25

Flats: ~25

Bias: ~25

Avg. Moon age: 4.65 days

Avg. Moon phase: 22.57%

Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 5.00

Temperature: 25.00 job: 2949551

RA center: 21h 20' 21"

DEC center: +51° 40' 17"

Pixel scale: 41.737 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -1.060 degrees

Field radius: 18.988 degrees

Resolution: 1836x2754

Data source: Traveller


I wanted to make some nice pictures from the souhtern horizon during our sail trip to corsica. Unfortunatley where ever we stopped the southern view was blocked. Therefore this constellation.



Riedl Rudolf
License: None (All rights reserved)

Sky plot

Sky plot


Cepheus and Cygnus Widefield, 


            Riedl Rudolf