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2020 Astrophotography in Review, 


            Douglas J Struble

2020 Astrophotography in Review

Technical card

Basic astrometry details job: 4115708

Resolution: 4800x6000

Data source: Unknown


My astrophotography for 2020 in review. It has been a rough year. Astrophotography has helped me maintain my sanity this year. As we fall into the winter months here in Michigan, I am looking at not getting in much integration time in. I have been going for more obscure and smaller targets this year compared to when I first started in 2016. I have been pleasantly surprised in some instances how much detail I can process out given my pixel scale and skies. For more information on my acquisition data, click here:



Douglas J Struble
License: None (All rights reserved)


2020 Astrophotography in Review, 


            Douglas J Struble

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