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Great Conjunction, 


            Scotty Bishop

Great Conjunction

Great Conjunction, 


            Scotty Bishop

Great Conjunction

Imaging Telescopes Or Lenses
Orion RC 10
Imaging Cameras
ASI 178 MC
ZWO ADC Mk II (Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector)
Adobe Photoshop 2021 · Autostakkert!3 AutoStakkert! 3

Acquisition details

Date: Dec. 21, 2020

Time: 18:00



FPS: 5.50000

Focal length: 2032

Seeing: 1

Resolution: 1933x1365

Data source: Traveller


This was hard. Really hard. I traveled to Huntsville AL (about 525 miles from my house) since it was supposed to be cloudy at my place. Seeing was bad, very bad. I took a bunch of 3 minute captures over a bit over an hour and then ran them through Autostakkert, then blended the best of the stacks in Photoshop 2021. It was a pain. But hey, I got it! I also had a family from grandparents to grand kids come up and check out what I was doing and I set up in a church parking lot. It was pretty cool to explain what I was doing to them.