Backyard EOS vs APT

01 Aug, 2017 14:12
I just picked up a new Canon T6i and was wondering for those Canon users out there which application you use and why? Is there one thing you like better in one than the other? If what I was looking at was correct, both applications allow you to build an imaging plan with different exposure values correct?
01 Aug, 2017 21:26
They do.  APT integrates better with plate solving, and has more automation features, while BYE is more intuitive to use.  I have used and like both (technically, I have used Backyard Nikon, but whatever).  APT has more room for growth, in that it'll run dedicated CCD/CMOS cameras as well, which is why I've tried to stick with it recently
01 Aug, 2017 21:45
I have a canon 70D and use APT.  I have not used BYE.  APT does plate solving and provides a button to 'sync' the mount to the solved position.  That ability allows me to get to the task of taking pictures much faster.
02 Aug, 2017 02:10
Thanks for the info!
14 Aug, 2017 20:51
I also use APT with my Canon DSLR, to full satisfaction so far.
One "killer" feature that I haven't found anywhere else: APT interfaces with my MGEN to do automatic dithering.

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