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08 Jan, 2019 22:54
I want to know how many are still using the SBIG STV for auto guiding?
09 Jan, 2019 13:43
hello I still use the Sbig stv
09 Jan, 2019 16:46
I have seen your pictures using the STV.  They are great.  I bought a used STV from a Cloudy Nights vendor.  I have some questions regarding the set up of the STV.  Would you be willing to answer some questions?  If so I can be reached at   Some of the questions are as follows.  Do you use the e-finder for guiding or a guidescope?  Do you use auto calibrate or manual calibrate?  If  manual, what tips can you offer?
10 Jan, 2019 07:09
hello use the STV has just been given by a friend who did not remember how to use it! I could not use e-finder and then I use a 9x50 finder and that's great! of soluto I do so: with focus I find a guide star I do the calibration in automatic and always automatically I also do the guide! if I can help you I will stay at your disposal!
10 Jan, 2019 16:50
Thanks for the information.  I never thought of using a 9x50 finder.  I will try that.  Thanks for your help.
11 Jan, 2019 06:58
I used that of the Orion, which in practice is already a small guide telescope!
11 Jan, 2019 18:21
Which Orion guide scope do you use?  The Orion 50mm or the Orion 60mm?  Do you always use auto calibrate?  When you use auto calibrate, does it always work?
12 Jan, 2019 12:30
I used for a while that d 50 mm now I switched to 70 mm but honestly I did not find diversity! yes, the automatic calibration always works, sometimes it happens that you reap error messages like "speed" or "angle"! At this point you have to intervene and understand the problem
12 Jan, 2019 17:25
Thank you agarin.  I just bought an Orion 50mm finder with a Helical focuser.  I hope that it will work.  Regarding you statement above that you might get messages like errors of "speed or angle",   its their information in the manual which explains these problems?
12 Jan, 2019 17:43
sure will go well I should just find the right fire! for the speed problem you will have to verify the mount for the problem angle you will have to rotate the camera a little bit
12 Jan, 2019 17:47
Thanks again.
12 Jan, 2019 17:52
nothing ! Hello
12 Jan, 2019 18:01
If you would rather reach me by e-mail, I can be reached at
15 Jan, 2019 09:16
05 Feb, 2019 00:26

What mount are you using the STV with.?  Did you have to buy a  RJ12 coupler reverse adapter to get the pins to match with your mount.
27 Feb, 2019 21:06
Took the STV out to test it.   Spent hours on the guider.  It was not a good experience.  However, I learned something.  Garbage in garbage out.   Thier are two cables that run from the controller.  One sends signals to the camera from the control box, and the othe goes out from the camera to the control box.  I never plugged in the cable that runs out from the camera to the contorller.  Thus, I never recieved a picture.  Sonetimes it helps to read the manual very carefully.  I will try it again once the clouds and the rain disappears.
05 Apr, 2019 17:14
I took the STV out again.  This time I remembered to plug in both cables to the controler.  It worked.  Had a little problem with focusing.  Apparently it takes some time to learn how to do the focusing.  Light polution, and seeing conditions do have a effect on focusing.  Apparenly you need to ajust the sensitiviity and gain, as wll as exposure time.  There is a learning curve, but I will continue to work on it
21 Apr, 2019 19:29
I have a question for those who are using the stv.   Can you use the STV efinder with out the focal reducer, and if you use the focal reducer doe it have infinity focuse?
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