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Widefield Scope

16 Aug, 2019 11:04
Hi @ll,

despite the fact that my imaging-camera is on it's way being repaired by ZWO (see here if you are interested in the story), i want to extend my telescope-farm with a fast widefield setup this fall. At the moment i own a 8" RC (my main scope), a 130/650 newtonian (for visual purposes only) and a cheap 80/400 refractor (i don't use it anymore). The camera is a ASI294MC Pro.

The requirements are: The focal length should not exceed 400mm. The f-number should not exceed f/5 (i want a fast optic with at least 80mm diameter). The price should not exceed 1.500 € (well, a bit is okay, but not much).
So here are the options i am looking at right now :
1) TS-Optics 80mm f/6,25 Triplet FPL53 APO carbon (TSAPOCF80) + TSAPORED075 (350mm @ F/4.5) 1494 €
2) TS Photoline Triplet FPL-53 Super Apo (TLAPO804-FT) + TSRED279 (379mm @ F/4.7) 1534 €
3) Meade Apochromatic refractor 80/480 Series 6000 + Meade Reducer Field Flattener 0.8 (384mm @ F/4.8 ) 1509 €
4) Skywatcher Esprit 80 SuperApo + Flattener (400mm @ F/5) 1215 €
5) TS-Optics Photoline 90mm f/6,6 Triplet FPL53 Apo (TSAPO906) + TSAPORED075 (450mm @ F/5) 1594 € <- a bit out of my specs, but with a bigger aperture
I can see several minor advantages and disadvantages, but from the specs alone every solution is nearly equal, but maybe some of you own one of these and can tell from personal experiences which one is good or not so good. And another question: Am i missing an important option?
Which one shall i buy?

Thanks for reading this and sharing your experiences,

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Edited 16 Aug, 2019 13:41
16 Aug, 2019 14:41
I have the Esprit 80mm. The things I like about the scope is that it basically comes with everything you need to get started. This was my first scope so it was nice that I didn't have to worry about choosing a flattener, guides scope, rings, and all necessary accessories to attach my dslr. It also comes with a nice case. I have been happy with the results I have been getting at sub 10 hour integration times. The only thing I do not like is the small dovetail plate that is attached, it can be removed but I doubt I ever will.
16 Aug, 2019 16:13
Man I have a Nikon 400 f2,8 all manual ehich you can use all wide open. It’s 7kgs because of the 140mm front lens.
This is 1x1800secs at f2,8 from bortle 8 sky (SQM18,5)
If you like it, it is for sale
Edited 17 Aug, 2019 08:07
17 Aug, 2019 16:26
Hey Alessio, thanks for the offer, but the Nikon 400 is too specialized for me.
Jeremy, thanks for your thoughts about the Esprit!
Edited 17 Aug, 2019 16:50
18 Aug, 2019 13:51
Hello Michael,
A telescope is always a compromise. I like to keep things simple and to work with least parts possible.
For this reason, months ago, I choose the TS-Optics 71SDQ because it is tax-free for me living outside Germany,
well below 1000 € and as a quad it won't require an optional reducer/flattener. The back focus serves both imaging and visual tasks.
Since your budget is over 1000 € please check out the TS86SDQ, a Ø86mm quad APO.
My short experience with scopes is limited to Skywatcher/Celestron and TS-Optics.
22 Aug, 2019 17:33
I tend to not invest into a scope with a built-in flattener/reducer like the TS86SDQ. I am totally sure that this is a wonderful scope, but i have the feeling that i would loose some flexibility. I think number 5 will make it! 90 mm aperture and F/5 sounds very attractive to me  smile Thanks for your thoughts, Robert!
Edited 22 Aug, 2019 17:50
23 Aug, 2019 12:53
All these refractors are good scopes and feet your requirements. I own Meade 6000 with Orion flattener (no reducer) and very happy  smile
Edited 23 Aug, 2019 12:53
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