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Asteroid (52768)1998OR2

24 Mar, 2020 12:42
RE: (527681998OR2

I am curious to know if anyone has been able to image 52768 1998OR2 asteroid ?

Where can the RA/DEC/Time of this object be found on the net?

Thanks for your help,
Clear skies
Edited 24 Mar, 2020 17:44
24 Mar, 2020 20:58
SkyX Serious edition can show you this with the large Asteroid data base loaded.

  AFAIK The SkyX  only uses sections of the full MCPOrb database so you have to open the "advanced" search tab to load the correct range, then search for "MPL (52768 ) 1998OR2".

  It is also possible you can find it with Astrometrica for windows if you load all of MPCOrb.dat

Edited 24 Mar, 2020 21:00
24 Mar, 2020 21:04
Ah, Thank you so much David.
I am about to switch scope for the galaxy season, but am interested to look for comets and asteroid.
Thank you again, much appreciated.

Clear skies
24 Mar, 2020 23:54

  It took a while to download the full MPCOrb data base  but Astrometrica (shareware) can also give you the current location.  Load a fits file with the current time then do an astrometry  data reduction using the comet name entered into the Object browser.  The coordinates it returns is the location of the comet at the time of the fits file.

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