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Hello from Berlin

22 May, 2020 19:39
Hey to all folks, and I guess to some ladies smile,
my name is Claudia aka Lunatum in this place. Taking pics, or better struggle with many questions of which equipment, what exposure times, how is the weather…gosh all that is heavy, standing alone at midnight in the middle of nowhere….most of my friends think that I am crazy😜.Fortunately a dark sky reserve is just around the corner. To be honest I am miles away from pictures I see here, nevertheless it is a luck to read all the tips and advices I find here.
Atm I am using a star adventurer with a 60 mm/360 Ts APO with flattener and a unmodified EOS 60 . Further this year I will upgrade to a goto mount, some larger refractor ( haven‘t decided yet which one ) and a autoguider.
I hope to take part with some nice pics and keep on reading a lot of helpful posts.
Clear skies and many greeting from cloudy Berlin today
Edited 22 May, 2020 19:42
22 May, 2020 20:06
Hi Claudia,

welcome to AstoBin, looking forward to your first images.
Grüße aus Braunschweig und CS,

22 May, 2020 21:31
Hey Claudia,

i also started with astrofotography this year and i have a similar setup.
you are welcome to take a look at my pictures and im glad to help if needed.

Greetings from Jüchen

22 May, 2020 22:06
Hi Claudia,

Welcome from Southern California.
23 May, 2020 13:04
Hallo Claudia,

welcome to astrobin. I wish you better weather and good luck for your first pictures.

Schöne Grüße von der Ostseeküste
24 May, 2020 07:32
Hallo Claudia,
First of all, welcome and, you do not sound crazy at all :-)
I have the same little Ø60mm APO and a Nikon D5300 unmodded. So equipped, you can take impressive deep sky photos, however, the polar alignment of the Star Adventurer must be spot-on for tracking only. You may soon wish to add a small autoguide scope and camera.
Greetings from Okinawa in the rainy season,
Cheers, Robert
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