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May ISS 2021, 


            Khisamutdinov Maksim

May ISS 2021

Acquisition type: Lucky imaging

Acquisition details

Resolution: 600x400

File size: 3.1 MB

Locations: Домашняя обсерватория, Таганрог, Ростовская область, Russian Federation

Data source: Backyard


ISS 03_05_2021__03_00_30__g0300_e0700. SER, height ~70 deg, brightness -3.8, distance at the climax 450 km, siing 3/5, transparency 4/5. (1-bad, 5-excellent), wind 1-2ms, high humidity. Taganrog city center.

Monty EQ8 evilmode v2, self-made brains for high-precision tracking of fast objects, self-written software for tracking with the help of zwo cameras, tracking in the optical channel of the guide telescope 60/240 + asi120mm, TLE of the satellite is not used.

Celestron C14 XLT Telescope + GSO 2” focuser (direct focus, focal length ~4 meters) + asi290mm + zwo EFW mini + Baader LRGB (R). 220fps 600x400, mono12, gain ~240, shutter speed 0.7 ms.

Animation of the span (21 frames, slicing 280 frames, adding 20% of frames and wavelets)!3 PPP -> gif, size 100%)