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Image of the day 10/23/2020

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    IC 2118, 


            Jeffrey K Lovelace
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    Imaging telescopes or lenses: Takahashi FSQ-106

    Imaging cameras: SBIG STX-16803

    Guiding cameras: SBIG STX-16803

    Software: Sequence Generator Pro V3.0  ·  Photoshop CC  ·  Starnet ++  ·  PixInsight Processing Software  ·  Open PHD Guiding PHD2 Guiding  ·  The SkyX

    Filters: Astrodon Hα 50mm round 5nm  ·  Astrodon B 50mm square E Series  ·  Astrodon G 50mm square E Series  ·  Astrodon R 50mm square E Series  ·  Astrodon L 50mm square E Series

    Accessory: SBIG FW7-STX

    Dates:Sept. 22, 2020

    Astrodon B 50mm square E Series: 36x300" -25C bin 1x1
    Astrodon G 50mm square E Series: 39x300" -25C bin 1x1
    Astrodon Hα 50mm round 5nm: 20x1200" -25C bin 1x1
    Astrodon L 50mm square E Series: 29x300" -25C bin 1x1
    Astrodon R 50mm square E Series: 43x300" -25C bin 1x1

    Integration: 18.9 hours

    Darks: ~25

    Flats: ~25

    Bias: ~50

    Avg. Moon age: 5.72 days

    Avg. Moon phase: 32.68%

    Astrometry.net job: 3935277

    RA center: 5h 3' 20"

    DEC center: -7° 35' 1"

    Pixel scale: 3.588 arcsec/pixel

    Orientation: 174.568 degrees

    Field radius: 2.619 degrees

    Resolution: 3591x3840

    Locations: M and K Observatory, Yass, New South Whales, Australia

    Data source: Own remote observatory


    RGB Data Acquisition from 2019-11-27 until 2020-03-21.
    Hα Data Acquisition from 2020-07-20 until 2020-09-22.
    Original Image Scale: 3.50
    DSO Color Mapping: LRGB-Hα
    Yes it's that time of year again; the Witch Head Nebula (IC 2118) is ready for her close-up.