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Moon Between The Clouds, 



Moon Between The Clouds

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Skywatcher 130/650 PDS

Imaging cameras: Canon 650D

Mounts: iOptron CEM25P

Software: Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Adobe Photoshop 2019

Accessory: JJC TM Series Time Remote Controller

Date:Sept. 17, 2019

Time: 22:30

Frames: 2

Focal length: 650

Resolution: 5184x3456

Locations: Backyard, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

Data source: Backyard


90% Moon Illumination

Its been a painful 3 weeks of cloud, pretty much every night so the Astrophotgraphy has been lacking. I have been putting off imaging the moon as I haven't felt the want or need to. However I decided to try something new and experimental with the moon. I have seen other users do this similar process and I wanted to try for my self:

This image contains two different images, one over exposed to capture clouds and a brightened moon. The other exposure to gather details in the moon surface. Then using photoshop I place one over the other in a sort of compsition of images.

I have always avoided composition images as I have though of them to be kind of cheaty. But in the end the two images in this composition are the exact same, just exposed differently one after the other.

I did have to wait a while for clouds to part slightly as I thought it would make the image look greater (as done here with the moon between the two parted clouds).



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Moon Between The Clouds,