Hemisphere:  Southern  ·  Constellation: Scorpius (Sco)  ·  Contains:  NGC 6334  ·  NGC6334  ·  Sh2-8
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Cat's Paw (NGC6334) - Narrowband HSO, 


            Rodney Watters

Cat's Paw (NGC6334) - Narrowband HSO

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Tak TSA120

Imaging cameras: QSI 683 ws-8

Mounts: EQ8

Guiding telescopes or lenses: ZWO Off Axis Guider  ·  Tak TSA120

Guiding cameras: Starlight Xpress Lodestar x2

Focal reducers: Takahashi TOA Reducer .75x

Software: Pixinsight 1.8

Filters: Astronomik SII 1.25" 6nm  ·  Astronomik Ha 1.25" 6nm  ·  Astronomik OIII 1.25" 6nm

Dates:May 13, 2019June 29, 2019July 20, 2019

Astronomik Ha 1.25" 6nm: 20x1200" -20C bin 1x1
Astronomik OIII 1.25" 6nm: 22x1200" -20C bin 1x1
Astronomik SII 1.25" 6nm: 20x1200" -20C bin 1x1

Integration: 20.7 hours

Darks: ~50

Flats: ~50

Bias: ~100

Avg. Moon age: 17.68 days

Avg. Moon phase: 56.05%

Astrometry.net job: 2906771

RA center: 17h 18' 53"

DEC center: -35° 55' 57"

Pixel scale: 1.645 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: -87.193 degrees

Field radius: 0.934 degrees

Resolution: 3272x2452

Locations: Glanmire Home Observatory, Bathurst, NSW, Australia

Data source: Backyard


A narrowband version of the Cat's Paw nebula (NGC6334). Data from Hydrogen Alpha, Sulphur II and Oxygen III filters combined using HSO pallet. Colour mapped Ha -> Red, Sulphur II -> Green, Oxygen III -> Blue.


Sky plot

Sky plot


Cat's Paw (NGC6334) - Narrowband HSO, 


            Rodney Watters