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Mineral Moon, 


            Gianluca Belgrado

Mineral Moon

Mineral Moon, 


            Gianluca Belgrado

Mineral Moon

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: SkyWatcher Newton 200 / 1000

Imaging cameras: Canon 1100DA Full Spectrum

Mounts: Skywatcher NEQ6 PRO Synscan

Software: Magic Lantern MagicLantern  ·  Photoshop cc 2020  ·  AutoStackkert2  ·  Planetary Imaging PreProcessor PIPP (v 2.3.6)

Accessory: Celestron Mpcc

Date: Sept. 11, 2020

Time: 05:00

Frames: 306

FPS: 1.00000

Focal length: 1000

Resolution: 5780x4796

Locations: Cortile di casa, Casarano, Lecce, Italy

Data source: Backyard


A photo of the moon taken on the morning of September 11, just before putting the telescope inside the house. Stack more than 300 shots, to minimize the noise, and I increased the saturation of the colors to make visible the small differences due to the different minerals present on the lunar surface.