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Possible Kuiper belt object close enough for surface detail observations.

22 Jun, 2017 15:16
Attention all skeptics!  Initially I was only going to do a courtesy call with the only follow upbeing when I locked down the orbit and mapped the planetary surface.  I can only get coordinates when the target isosculating a star.  Since there were overa hundred hits on this article, I might rethink my initial idea.
So I will issue the skeptics an ultimatium.  The only reason I could not produce theevidence is that I did not have an autoguider, now it is guiding issues.  I caught the target osculating a star twonights ago, which I will not have the chance to upload before I head off to
work.  If experience is any guide, whenyou slew to these coordinates the target will be to the edge of the eyepiece.
I will shut up if you prove me a liar!  I will accept defeat if you upload images inthe following twelve hours that prove you looked at the following coordinates
and that you also searched about the bin, meaning that I want you to center the
picture at least ten minutes plus minus on the ra of these coordinates and you
state in the forum that you looked through the eyepiece and did not see a Mars
like object surrounded by white moons.
Date (UTC)   RA              Dec         delta  r     elong
—- – – ————   ————  —— —— —–
2017 06 22  06 2715.813   +25 27 06.10  1.8307 .82687   6.0
2017 06 23  06 2940.672   +25 22 09.19  1.8248 .81934   5.6
12 Jul, 2017 21:30
Well, this was unexpected last night.  The target was occulating Edasich.  It is a reddish object in the finderscope.  The target has been covering a lot of sky as of late.  I uploaded the latest image.
23 Jul, 2017 02:09
I was asked to produce a picture of the target moving against the stars.  I am proud to report mission accomplished.  I have uploaded three images, two where all I did was convert the raw data to 16bit png files so you can check my work.  If you go to Google Sky you will see the reference stars at 01 00’ 35.2” +60 43’ 55.9”.  I uploaded a finished work so you could seethe movement.  (It is very small so thought I would blow it up so you know up front that the target is moving.)
26 Jul, 2017 16:09
How about round two?  There is significant overlap due to me changing focus, which destroyed most of the
movement, but you can tell from the center of each image it moved.  22 14 38.1 +58 11 53.7
28 Jul, 2017 17:39
How about round three? 22 41’ 49.5” +51 37’ 28.6”  You should be fortunate that the target is passing through a star field.  This might be the last round as the weather is not good.  I have not had any feedback.  If anyone has taken the challenge , please commit below.
30 Jul, 2017 09:44

I think the reason you are not getting any replies is that most people will think that this is some sort of a windup. If it is, I think it would be a good time to stop , no one seems to be falling for it smile.

If not then you need to work on your equipment and imaging techniques. All you images are only showing badly out of focus stars, so that would be a good start. Once they are in focus it will be easier to see what you have captured. The best thing would be to post this on or similar, there you will get much better feedback.

02 Sep, 2017 14:33
With regards to Hurricane Harvey, I am doing just fine.  Will a give twenty four hour notice before I take off the evidence photos.
18 Sep, 2017 03:23
I am pleased to announce the red target is now visible tothe unaided eye.  If you use an intermediatepower eyepiece you will see the day and night side as well as the dust
rings.  Look around 00 38’ 46.5” +56 13’12.1”
20 Sep, 2017 15:55
22 Sep, 2017 06:04
The target is near Caph.
12 Oct, 2017 04:07
I am pleased to announce the red target is once again visible to the naked eye near Shedar. The target is close enough that using a
barlow would show enough details to see if it is worth your value.   I would encourage independent confirmation now since I will be taking a break
from all things Astronomy so if I do not respond soon you can expect a response
in early November.  This is your twenty four hour notice.
12 Oct, 2017 09:33
Is it possible to stop this joke now ?
13 Oct, 2017 19:29
Jean-Baptiste Auroux
Is it possible to stop this joke now ?

Relax :-)
13 Oct, 2017 21:03
13 Oct, 2017 22:33
Artyom Chitailo
C'mon, guys, return to the Earth! What KBO @ f/10 and with 0,3 sec exposures you can shoot ?   smileIs it Nibiru returns?  smile

Its coming smile
15 Dec, 2017 15:13
One of the problems I have is the lack of tools to help me.  Until recently I could only use occulations to get my coordinates. I would like to point out this
resource.  It’s better than the alternative.
08 May, 2018 14:49
First image of dust rings uploaded.
09 May, 2018 04:04
David Healy
First image of dust rings uploaded.

I have images of dust rings too, should I upload a Master Flat? smile

Jokes very aside… Anyway I find weird that your name is David Healy who was an astronomer, astrophotographer and asteroid discoverer and he died in 2011: Only the fact that you use his name is very low and disrespectful and if it was my decision, which unfortunately it isn't, you would be banned from this site.
Edited 09 May, 2018 07:40
09 May, 2018 12:55
David this is a serious AP site why are you doing this ? If anything it’s getting very old. Your not giving us images that are close to focus so there’s really nothing to make of them. I ask you as a gentlemen to please stop with this thread and start taking images of something to be proud of.

09 May, 2018 12:55
Thank you
Edited 10 May, 2018 15:59
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